BTS at DKOU 2018

On the 24 October 2018 the British Trauma Society held a Major Trauma Symposium at the DKOU (German Congress of Orthopaedics and Trauma and Emergency Surgery) in Berlin as part of the guest nation. The session was chaired by Stuart Matthews. We were allocated a 1 ½ hour session for our speakers which was very well received.

My thanks go to Mr Ansar Mahmood of Birmingham who delivered a fascinating insight on his experience of rib fracture fixation – Why, When & How? My thanks also goes to Group Captain John Kendrew of Birmingham and the Royal Navy who spoke about his unique experience of Osseo-Integrated Prosthetics as a rehabilitation option based on his experience of military amputees. I am also grateful to Miss Justine (JJ) Lee Maxillo-facial Surgeon from Birmingham and her excellent talk on the development of the National Major Incident Response and the New [2018] UK National Major Incident Guidelines and the meeting was concluded by Professor Bertil Boullion, Director of the Köln Clinic for Orthopaedics, Accident Surgery and Sports Trauma who gave an excellent talk into the German Trauma Network – What have we achieved.

The session was well received with stimulation of interesting discussion and the BTS look forwards to future international collaboration with our German and European neighbours even in these uncertain times.

Stuart Matthews

Immediate Past President the BTS