BTS Supports the James Lind Alliance

The BTS has made a £5k contribution to the costs associated with engaging the James Lind alliance (JLA). The JLA brings patients, carers and clinicians together to identify and prioritise the top 10 uncertainties, or ‘unanswered questions’, about the effects of treatments that they agree are most important. The BTS has therefore decided to support this project in order that priority areas trauma care can be identified. This will not only help ensure joined-up working, but also demonstrate the importance of these areas to potential funding bodies. It will offer assurance that the areas of grant application matter to both patients and clinicians.

The broad topic for these discussions are ‘fragility fractures’. The process typically takes around 18 months and the results will be available to BTS members when finalised. The Royal college of Surgeons of England have also agreed to contribute to the overall costs of this exercise.