Improving the Quality of the Ambulance Response Tuesday 28 June 2016 ICO Conference Centre, London

This conference looks at how we can improve the ambulance response – moving away from time based targets – and towards a new way of working, ensuring a clinically appropriate response that will improve outcomes for patients. Through national updates from the National Ambulance Response Programme, to case studies and lessons from the dispatch on disposition pilot sites the conference will update delegates on this important development and the impact in practice. The conference will also look at implications of working differently in terms of workforce, paramedic training, challenging public assumptions around ambulance responses, and looking to the future and implications for both Ambulance Trusts and independent Ambulance Services.

Topics will include:
  • how do we change the focus from 8 minutes to improving outcomes?
  • delivering a more clinically appropriate response to 999 calls
  • how do we ensure patients get the right resource in terms of vehicles and skills
  • how do we identify the patients that need an ambulance most urgently?
  • moving away from time based targets: responding to non urgent calls
  • working in partnership to improve the response to people in mental health crisis: presentation by Kate Davies OBE Head of Armed Forces and their Families, Health & Justice and Sexual Assault Services Commissioning NHS England with Adellah Snape L&D Board Member and Service User Representative
  • paramedic training and developing paramedic roles: presentation by Garry Egan Chief Executive College of Paramedics
  • the role of the independent ambulance sector in improving the ambulance response


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